The Truth About Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing revolves around the body, mind, and soul. Spiritual healing goes beyond our understanding. It acknowledges the existence of a supreme being that gives us protection, inspiration, peace and spiritual guidance. The supreme being guarantees our safety, and still, is our weapon to emerge victorious from every challenging situation. Spiritual healing is about the connection you feel towards the higher power. Prayers work as the quick connector with the supreme power. In spirituality, the body, mind, and soul work together to bring good physical and emotional health.


In spirituality, spiritual healing can be transmitted from a human source. The human source receives the healing power from God, who is the supreme being. God uses the human as the vessel through which healing gets channeled to another human who is in pain. Through a simple touch from the human source, which is sometimes called the healer, the body part in pain gets healed. Even though, one does not need to have a healer to receive spiritual healing. One can still connect to the inner spirituality and pray for their needs. It is evident that once the body mind and soul are not working together, it is impossible to retain good health. It is a belief that sickness begins in the mind and soul. The two, body and soul, happens to be the source of spiritual healing.


Spiritual healers admit it that the healing power originates from an extraordinary source. The source of the divine power is invisible and is bestowed with intelligence. The truth about Spiritual healing is that it can heal all the diseases. However, not all people are open to this form of healing. One must be receptive to the healing power. If one does not believe in the healing, then it is in vain to channel the healing power to them. Being skeptical about the power create barriers. It about the admiration, belief and respect one has towards spiritual healing that makes them benefit from it. Miraculous healing gets witnessed happening too often. It is by being open to the cure that one experience the miracle.


Spirituality differs from religion in that; spirituality involves a connection between one and the supreme power. The bond is strong beyond one’s understanding. Religion revolves around doctrines and belief systems and determines one’s relationship with God. While receiving spiritual healing, one can derive inspiration from a nature walk, watching the sunset or sunrise, or even getting warm smiles from a kid. Even though, different people have different names for this supreme power. Spiritual self-healing programs also work wonders. Self-healing begins when one shuts down all the negative feeling that impedes your spiritual progress.


Finding a silent and peaceful place to meditate helps one to connect to the higher power undisturbed. Through meditation and prayers, one can replay all the hardships and seek for God’s intervention. Through sickness or any challenge. Spiritual healing occurs when one can forgive those that wronged them. Also, accepting that God is in control of every situation helps one get rid of worries and fear and hence relaxation of the weary body, mind, and soul. To teach this early to kids, you can show peace in regular day to day action. Teach them how to make your own bath bombs for kids, pray regularly, provide a peaceful home, etc.